Weekly Bulletin/Events Calendar




July 23, 2017

Opening Song:                                    “Open Up the Heavens”

Welcome & Announcements


Congregational Singing:         “Everlasting God”

VBS Announcement

Congregational Singing:         “Hosanna”

Offertory Prayer

Song:                                       “Revelation Song”

Message:                                 Rev. Ron Gallagher

Invitation song:                      “How Deep the Father’s Love”         

Closing Prayer
Follow Ron’s articles each week on his “Gallagher’s Pen” website:  www.gallagherspen.com


Would you like to lead a little child to Christ?  We need counselors (individuals or couples who would work together) on Thursday evening (Aug.3) at VBS after the Gospel is presented to the children in the evening program. Please consider giving of your time and love for one night to help the little ones give their hearts to the Lord. See Linda K. or Email her at CHBCKIDS4GOD@GMAIL.COM
For the next 2 weeks, Rev. Ron Gallagher will be our guest speaker and the following week, August 13th, David Anderson from the Capitol Commission will speak in the morning and evening services.


Our WMF Project for July is raising funds for VBS Supplies.   If you would like to donate to this project, please make your check payable to the WMF and give to Shirley Murray or Millie Kemper.


The July Birthday and Anniversary Luncheon is Tuesday, July 25th at Chili’s, 12231 Chattanooga Plaza, Midlothian 23112.  Please sign up today so we can inform the restaurant how many are coming.


We are having a VBS WORK DAY Saturday, July 29th from 9 AM till we are done! Workers are needed to help put our city together. LUNCH WILL BE PROVIDED. Please contact Linda K. if you have any questions.


Sunday, Aug 6th we are having a HERO JUBILEE from 11-3. Children from VBS will be here doing special songs & sharing what they learned from the past week. We are asking our church members to come out to support our kids and greet the families.  There will be a cookout on front lawn with 2 water slides and face painting for the VBS families. We are asking for any donation to help cover the cost of food.  We also need help taking decorations down and putting them away.


We have four teens who want to attend High Point Youth Camp Aug. 7-12, 2017.   The tuition is $250.00 per camper.  If you can help fund this project, please make your check payable to the WMF and give to Shirley Murray or Millie Kemper.  A fund raising dinner will be held Wednesday, August 16th (after the actual camp dates.)  Thank you.

Reminder– the first Sunday of every month, there is a prayer time for our church with the deacons at 9 AM in the room across from the Shepherd’s Class. Please join us.




Unlimited: All sizes of boxes

yellow tape or labels

light blue, red, yellow rectangular plastic tablecloths

5 small size hoola-hoops

5 packs each Red, yellow, blue construction paper

pack of white cardstock paper

5 of each white, red, yellow, and blue & black Poster board

3 large cans black acrylic spray paint

hot glue gun and glue sticks

duct tape all colors and styles

masking tape

disposable gloves

2 big packs of red, yellow, blue, tissue paper

1 big box of staples

fishing wire